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Happy Half Day!

We’re halfway thru the year!  So how’d those New Years’ Resolutions turn out? ***edit*** Several people have complained that July 17th is not exactly halfway thru the year.  I know July 17 is not the midpoint of the year.  But today is the day I realized that at least half the year has gone by […]

That nagging feeling

From The Life of the Cosmos by Lee Smolin. No wonder physics is so hard to learn.  As it is usually taught to students, Newton’s physics does not make complete sense, for they are almost never told the whole story.  Position, velocity, and acceleration are usually introduced as if they have simple and obvious meanings, […]

What I’ve noticed (almost weekly edition)

The Scientific Activist reminds us of the damage that animal rights extremists do to people’s lives and valuable research. An NY Times article on a disappearing Albanian custom: women take an oath of virginity and are allowed to live as men. Why is there so much anti-American sentiment in the world? Police suck. Rove is […]


From The Life of the Cosmos by Lee Smolin. In science, as in politics or love, one can have all the good arguments and still be in the wrong.  When it comes down to it, what matters is not whose story is more logical or beautiful, but which leads to the greatest effect.

Point of view changes everything

From The Life of the Cosmos by Lee Smolin. Does the world consist of a large number of independently autonomous atoms, the properties of each owing nothing to the others?  Or, instead, is the world a vast, interconnected system of relations, in which even the properties of a single elementary particle or the identity of […]

Movies in the midwest

So I’ve gone to the movies twice since I’ve been here.  Generally, I would consider this a silly thing to do since going to the movies is so expensive.  Not so here in nowhere, Michigan!  A student ticket at the local theater is $3.50 and on Thursdays they have giant bags of $1 popcorn. So […]