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What I’ve Noticed

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Japan accidentally gives passenger 142g of cannabis.

Flagstaff has a wool festival. When I first saw fliers for this around, I thought it was a joke…

An incredible post on the infinite workload of an academic and trying to have a life via Sciencewomen.


If you don’t think cat-calling is a problem, read this.

How not to deal with illegal immigration.

The universe might be shaped like a doughnut. Via 3QD.

Thinspiration – eating disorder art.

On desire.

The best poem I’ve read in a long time.

Why is oil so expensive?

Think sexism doesn’t exist in the mainstream media?

Women “bored by science”, but continue to do well in it.

The UN gets scammed.

Moss evolution is SO COOL.

A very bad plan to pay for a mortgage bailout program.

Eurovision has very very bad songs.

I think the giant squirrel was a bit too much. Via Acephalous.

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