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Weekly Top 5

Chumbawamba – Tubthumper Chumbawamba – Un Max Richter – The Blue Notebooks Thievery Corporation – The Cosmic Game Infected Mushroom – Converting Vegetarians


Everyone knows that they’re going to die eventually, but most of the time we try really hard not to think about it. When we do think about it, we do things like eat more cookies and go shopping. But disease often forces us to confront our mortality. In portraits of the dying, the artist spoke […]

Movies in the Square

Every Friday night in Flagstaff in the summer, they show a movie in the square. Beforehand there’s usually a small performance. Last night it was the dance troupe from the community college. They were not very good and asked the audience for money to go to a competition in Italy. Even though Shrek the Third […]

What I’ve Noticed

Japan accidentally gives passenger 142g of cannabis. Flagstaff has a wool festival. When I first saw fliers for this around, I thought it was a joke… An incredible post on the infinite workload of an academic and trying to have a life via Sciencewomen. If you don’t think cat-calling is a problem, read this. How […]

Why postmodernism isn’t all bad

… here is a salute to the postmodernists.  As today’s celebrants of corybantic Romanticism, they enrich culture.  They say to the rest of us: Maybe, just maybe, you are wrong.  Their ideas are like sparks from firework explosions that travel away in all directions, devoid of following energy, soon to wink out in the dimensionless […]

There’s no enlightenment here

I also continue to find absolutely no meaning in the pain itself. (I find the Headache to be as profound as a malfunctioning car alarm that just won’t shut off…) From All in My Head