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Why I like zappos

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A pair of boots I bought in China have recently begun to leak. They were worth about $70. They lasted me 1 and a half winters of good wear and half a winter of rather uncomfortable and slightly damp wear. So I decided to invest in a nicer pair. I wanted something warmer than the synthetic liner of my old boots. I wanted something taller – I was sick of snow in my shoes. And I wanted something a bit nicer looking.

Then I found these. They fit all of my requirements and at at almost $100 off, weren’t totally out of the range of what I was willing to spend (though a bit out of the range I could actually afford…). So I bought them and got the free standard 5 day shipping. Then Zappos sent them to me, at no extra charge, overnight.

ugg brock

So I wore them around the house for an hour and fell in love with how comfy they were, then wore them to class. In class, I noticed that the zipper had FALLEN OFF one of them. Who knows how. So I called Zappos and asked about exchanging them. Not only were they incredibly nice and understanding, they overnighted my new pair to me and gave me a gift certificate. Plus the exchange process is very very easy.

I bought a pair of shoes from earlier this year and they didn’t fit. I didn’t bother returning them because I didn’t have the time to hassle with their exchange/return process for a sale shoe.

So, if you need new shoes, go to Zappos 🙂

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One Comment

  1. Pretty boots! Zappos is awesome. is also more annoyingly organized.

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