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If you can’t get enough plant goodness here, check out the first edition of Berry Go Round over at Seeds Aside.  This is a really fun new carnival!  I especially enjoyed the first section which focused on a new species of palm.  I’ve even got a post in the moss section!

basil cutting

Last summer, my basil plant suffered through my cooking. So it doesn’t get quite so defoliated next year, I’ve started a new one!


I’ve been waiting anxiously for the black eyed susan vine I got a few months ago to bloom. It started this week.  I’m a big fan of the fused petals.

my schedule

This semester is going to be very busy, but doable. I’ve got a week where I’m going to Humboldt to do some work that could cause some problems because I’ll be missing an entire week of classes. Hopefully it’ll work out alright. I’m taking differential equations, the second course of a three-course long physics series, […]

black eyed susan vine

A couple months ago I bought a bunch of seeds.  The black eyed susan vine I got is going to bloom soon!  It’s got lots and lots of flower buds.  I had originally planned to grow it up my staircase, but it’s smaller than I thought it would be and prefers to twine around smaller […]