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personal blogging

I have been asked why I don’t do more blogging about my life.  I have a real paper and pencil journal for that.  Usually, after I finish an entry and read over it, I think “Well, it’s a good thing no one else can read this!” or “Thank god I didn’t really say that!”  I’d […]

“Supporting” the troops

This is a terrible story. An injured Iraqi vet was forced out of the military for admitting he was gay. Not only did they kick him out before taking care of his severe knee injuries, he now owes them money: With his two-year anniversary in the Army coming up, marking a promotion and pay raise, […]

in the words of a doctor

As more and more healthcare workers refuse to provide women with medical care for “moral” reasons – from refusing to perform abortions to refusing to write prescriptions for EC to refusing to dispense contraceptives – it is reassuring to read this physician’s reasons for becoming an abortion provider. There are very few of us willing […]

red mountain

I pretended I didn’t have any work to do and went to Red Mountain yesterday. Red Mountain is an old and oddly shaped cinder cone. I’m helping with some research on pinyon pine, which I’d read were dying quite quickly in great numbers. There were many, many dead pinyon along the trail. I took lots […]

oh no!

oh no! Originally uploaded by sarcozona Poor cowboy bear! He is being attacked by salmonella!

good ideas

Tara Smith at Aetiology wrote about some fantastic inventions that can really improve the lives of millions (billions?) of poor people around the world. As she puts it, this is “intelligent design the world really needs.” Cheap irrigation devices, water filters, and energy solutions are detailed at Design for the Other 90%. These devices are […]