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rape culture

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I posted the other day about how difficult it was to get convictions in rape trials even with incredible evidence. In this case the perpetrators’ lawyer claims that it couldn’t have really been rape because the girls were unattractive and probably wanted the attention.

lawyer Sheilagh Davies, acting for one of the defendants, said the girls consented to sex “maybe to gain attention, maybe to gain affection”.

She told the jury one of the girls, who testified via video link, had “slimmed down a lot” since the incident in southeast London last November.

The barrister added: “She was 12st 6lb – not quite the swan she may turn into. She may well have been glad of the attention.”

In addition to being just one more example of a case where women are blamed for being raped, the lawyer’s suggestion that fat women want to be raped is extremely dangerous and cruel.

Via Feministing.

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One Comment

  1. That attorney is an ass. No make that an ASS. I don’t normally call anybody that but this person deserves it. Can I say it again? This person is an ASS.

    Did the attorney ever think the girl might have lost weight because she can’t eat or probably sleep from thinking about what happened to her? Does the attorney not know that some rape victims gain weight afterwards as a form of protection against a future rape? Rape affects every aspect of the victim’s life. Depression can cause weight loss or weight gain after being raped. The attorney is an absolute idiot.

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