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Putting Big Brother out of business

The FBI thinks that Hasan Elahi is a terrorist and he doesn’t trust them to get things right. So, he records pretty much everything about his life and puts it on his website. The globe-hopping prof says his overexposed life began in 2002, when he stepped off a flight from the Netherlands and was detained […]

angry feminists

I know this picture is old and an ad that so openly supported sexual harassment [definitely? probably? hopefully?] wouldn’t get published today. But feminists from the 70s, when this picture was taken, get a bad name sometimes. And this demonstrates 1) how terrible it was and 2) a fantastic sense of humor. Via Feministing.

On doing well in a world without women’s rights

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes So the French veecount is going to call up in the morning but I am not going to see him again. Because French gentlemen are really quite deceeving. I mean they take you to quite cute places and they make you feel quite good about yourself and you really seem to have […]

rape culture

I posted the other day about how difficult it was to get convictions in rape trials even with incredible evidence. In this case the perpetrators’ lawyer claims that it couldn’t have really been rape because the girls were unattractive and probably wanted the attention. lawyer Sheilagh Davies, acting for one of the defendants, said the […]

new plants!

I’ve got a bunch of seeds coming coming in the mail. I hope they’ll do well inside in the winter. Most of my apartment doesn’t get much sun, so I tried to get shade-tolerant plants. But I wanted something colorful, so I went for impatiens and coleus. I also got white and yellow black eyed […]


My living stones are so adorable! Though these green ones are doing something strange… They are supposed to be very short.