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I can’t buy your album/movie/book

It’s not uncommon to come across artists bemoaning people pirating their work. I’ve written about this before, but I’m going to write about it again with some insights gained from living outside the US and with a disability. First, here’s what independent film maker Jem Cohen has to say about media piracy in Astra Taylor’s […]

Why people pirate (or, Science’s paywall sucks)

Doing things legally: When I went to the AAAS meeting in February, I got a free subscription to Science magazine. Fresh from the Evolution 2012 meeting and motivated to keep up with the literature better, I click the big blue button in the weekly email to “Start reading now!” Except I can’t “start reading now.” […]

Take my money – or not

I had a netflix subscription, but then I switched to linux – and netflix doesn’t work on linux because of crappy DRM stuff. I thought about getting an Amazon Prime subscription, but the instant video selection is beyond terrible. I signed up for Hulu Plus, but I’ll have to cancel my subscription once I move […]

Ebook piracy

I read a lot of books – especially short novels – on my ipod or my computer. It’s easier to carry around my ipod than a book, and downloading a book is faster and easier than going to a bookstore or waiting on the mail. You’d think the internet and ebooks would be great for […]

What I’ve Noticed

The higher education bubble. A million dollars in copyright infringement on Glee demonstrates the ridiculousness of current copyright law. A whistleblower in the NYPD exposed some pretty serious problems, but all anyone is going to remember is “cocking the memo books.” I was thinking about saving for a fancy phone and AT&T ruins it.