How to make me cry

My migraines are induced by pressure changes, like the drops that occur before it rains.  This week is not looking good.  If the monsoon storms don’t end soon, I’m moving back to the Gobi.


  1. Dave says:

    You’re welcome to crash at my place this time next year. We actually speak English here, so you won’t be ordering the “fried vaginas” in restaurants like you did last time you were in the Gobi. (Vaginas are much better raw anyway.)

  2. Laurent says:

    Alternatively, you can use your migraine to predict weather, instead of checking weather to expect headaches. I did it a long time ago and my friends were amazed at this striking skill… I was right 99% of the time, much better than ordinary weather predictions. Can be useful, even if painful… Fortunately for you, this is not going to last forever.

  3. sarcozona says:

    My skill as a barometer is quite impressive, but doesn’t come with too many benefits. I certainly hope it doesn’t last forever!

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