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A Very Big Hole in the Ground

I live relatively close to the Grand Canyon, and friends and family want to see it when they visit.  This means that I’ve been to the Grand Canyon quite a few times now.  I like that I’ve been able to visit the Grand Canyon through different seasons and in different weather.  I wish I handled […]

Museum of Northern Arizona

I was really worried about my mom’s visit, but we had a really wonderful time.  She’s changed a lot – she believes that evolution happens.  This is a huge step away from biblical literalism.  Her rejection of creationism meant that she could truly enjoy our trip to the Museum of Northern Arizona. The museum has […]

Stinkin’ Extinction

It’s time for your extinct plant of the week!  This week is a little less depressing than the last few.  Clermontia peleana are flowering trees in the bellflower family.  Many Clermontias have beautiful, showy flowers frequented by birds. Clermontia peleana isn’t actually completely extinct, though it is in pretty serious trouble.  While one of the […]

Grand Canyon

My brother visited the other week.  It had been far too long since we’d seen each other.  I had a wonderful time with him and can’t wait for him to visit again.  While he was here, we went on a beautiful (but exhausting) hike in the Grand Canyon.  I was impressed with how well he […]


Everyone knows that they’re going to die eventually, but most of the time we try really hard not to think about it. When we do think about it, we do things like eat more cookies and go shopping. But disease often forces us to confront our mortality. In portraits of the dying, the artist spoke […]

Grand Canyon

I went to the Grand Canyon for the first time the other day. It’s a little like seeing the ocean for the first time. It is so big that my (albeit already poor) depth perception was completely thrown off. Most people said I shouldn’t go on a cloudy day, but I liked the clouds. It […]