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Moving in

she suffered from the personality of the house, the punishment of those who collect their lives together. Unconsciously at first, she went about disturbing nothing, then she became aware that her soft and careful movements were the outcome of an unreasoning fear—if she disarranged anything, Robin might become confused—might lose the scent of home. From […]


“Some people,” he said, “take off headfirst into any body of water and six glasses later someone in Haarlem gets typhoid from drinking their misery. God, take my hand and get me up out of this great argument—the more you go against your nature, the more you will know of it—hear me, Heaven! I’ve done […]

So was your PhD like this, too?

Gurus, who, I trust you know, are Indian teachers, expect you to contemplate the acorn ten years at a stretch, and if, in that time, you are no wiser about the nut, you are not very bright, and that may be the only certainty with which you will come away, which is a post-graduate melancholy—for […]