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From “Where the Forests Breathe”

Nobody knows how little we know about this forest. And nobody knows how much time we have to piece it all together either, nor how many mistakes we can make and survive. So best believe the ineffable gives life to what we can love and revere, as when we revel in the vine maple’s red […]


Dreams from the Malaria Pills (Turner) Forward Operating Base Eagle, Iraq This time it’s beautiful. He’s in the kelp beds somewhere off the California coast, floating where green leaves touch the sun, as if he’s disentangled from thought itself, as if the mind has come this far, up from the depths to release him to […]

Last call

Body Bags by Brian Turner A murder of crows looks on in silence from the eucalyptus trees above as we stand over the bodies — who look as if they might roll over, wake from a dream and question us about the blood drying on their scalps, the bullets lodged in the back of their […]