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Berry Go Round

The 28th Berry Go Round is a few days old now, but definitely still worth visiting.  Some of my favorites from this edition were Mary Farmer’s post on the relationship between a stunning tropical tree and extinct megafauna and a brief, but very good, article on terrestrial plant evolution. Want to submit to next month’s […]

Berry Go Round #27

Berry Go Round #27 is up now at A Neotropical Savanna.  If, like me, you’re still wearing wool coats and winter boots and looking longingly at the teeny tiny buds hoping spring will JUST HURRY UP, it might help you forget that it’s 24 degrees out right now.  It could also make you even crankier […]

Berry Go Round

This month’s Berry Go Round is going to be hosted at A Neotropical Savanna.  Submissions are due by the 26th.  If you’d like to host May or June, volunteer here.

Berry Go Round #26

Welcome to the 26th edition of Berry Go Round!  February was a botanical box of chocolates, but this month is the much anticipated herald of spring.  So what if the crocuses are just beginning to peek above the soil on my mountain and it’s going to snow two days this week?  This Berry Go Round […]

Berry Go Round reminder

The next edition of Berry Go Round will be up here next week.  I can accept submissions through the end of the day Saturday if you haven’t sent me your botanically inclined posts yet.

Berry Go Round

I’m hosting this month’s edition of Berry Go Round, so if you’ve written or read something plant related that you particularly liked, send it my way.  You can use the submission form or email me at enchantressofnumbers AT gmail DOT com.  I’m planning on getting most of the links together in the next week since […]

Berry Go Round

The latest edition of Berry Go Round is up at Foothills Fancies.  Sally did a fantastic job of finding terrifically interesting posts (including my post on the fossil Archeopteris, of course).  One of my favorite submissions describes a potential identification for a very puzzling fossil from January’s Berry Go Round host. To show that I […]