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Thunresdæg Ragnarök

I haven’t updated my series on the plants we’ve lost for a few weeks, but I’m back!  Cryosophila williamsii, also known as the Root-Spine Palm or the Lago Yojoa Palm, is a Honduran palm considered extinct in the wild.  Like Corypha taliera, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden’s Center for Tropical Plan Conservation cares for the […]

Oops! We did it again…

In 1979 villagers from Shantiniketan in West Bengal cut down a palm about to flower because they feared it could be a “ghost palmyra tree.”  This was the last Corypha taliera alive in the wild.  Years later, a cultivated specimen from an Indian botanic garden flowered and the seeds were collected.  Some of the seedlings […]

Spring break, day 5: Lotusland part 6

The topiary garden was fun, but pretty standard. The main lawn had some very bizarre contrasts – like these huge agaves against a manicured lawn. Thankfully, we headed back into the shade at this point. I was working on a terrific sunburn. In the shade palm garden, a lot of the plants were fruiting. I […]