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While you’re waiting for the bus

Great forgetting Aid in reverse: how poor countries develop rich countries. Did Media Literacy Backfire? Fantastic Jobs and Where To Find Them White Poverty: There’s nothing here Removing pubic hair may increase your risk of herpes and genital warts PSA Book Review of “Dark Age Ahead,” by Jane Jacobs ACActually Donald Trump, Master of the […]

My self care is bad for congressional staffers

Waking up and reading the news makes me feel pretty bad. I’ve been dealing with that on and off through the years by writing letters to my elected officials. I don’t know that any of them every made a difference, but it does make me feel better. Lately, it seems like a lot of people […]

Cranky people

I love when cranky people write in to the newspaper about trivial things so much. This had me chortling over my toast this morning: • “Goes extinct?” (Salish Sea orca population on brink, 25 November). Since when did this become the normal way to talk about extinction? Is this some Americanism that has become acceptable […]