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Migraine is all up in your metabolism

Investigating the role of adipokines in chronic migraine VERY COOL but quite tentative: this adipokine may be considered as a potential migraine biomarker, since increased levels of adiponectin are found in both EM and CM patients

While you’re waiting for the bus

As Homeless Find Refuge in Forests, ‘Anger Is Palpable’ in Nearby Towns Homeless people are SO inconvenient. Performative Disability Disabled people are SO inconvenient Just because there are 2 models doesn’t mean they are exclusive of each other Social vs. medical model of disability or social AND medical model Even the price of insulin is […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

Minds turned to ash What it feels like to be burnt out Voting Libertarian? I hope you or your kids never get sick Obamacare is bad, but we could have worse Negroponte?!? Clinton is receiving and bragging about endorsements from people responsible for unbelievable atrocities.

Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome precipitated by airplane descent: Case report Is a less dramatic version of this how barometric pressure change causes migraines?

Mid-August Migraine Log – Too Many Variables Edition

I started a new drug at the end of January – micronor – with the hopes that it would help with the increase in severe migraine attacks I get around my period. I then promptly had 3 periods in 2 months which then dropped off to a happier once every 4-6 weeks schedule. The frequency […]