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Full employment

After years of hibernation, will the¬†US economy¬†rouse itself for a big comeback over the next couple of years? With an incoming Republican administration hellbent on reflating an economy already near full employment, and with promised trade restrictions driving up the price of import-competing goods, and with central-bank independence likely to come under attack, higher inflation […]

Matthew Shepard’s murder kept me in the closet a long time.

My family watched a lot of The 700 Club. I read about Matthew Shepard’s murder in its newsletter on the long walk home from school one day. I don’t remember the exact words. I do remember the day. It was cold, overcast, and miserably damp. My feet squelched in the mud. The newsletter must have […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

How the lawyerly discourse of drone warfare misses the point The New Iron Curtain Really Have to Wonder About the NYT’s Judgment Over and over the NY Times has shown itself to be so wedded to the view from nowhere that they mislead and confuse. Don’t waste your subscription dollars on them. I can’t believe […]