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Mine mine mine

Oh god poly disaster. Remember, other people are not your relationship toys. Also, if you believe in hierarchical relationships, you are probably doing it wrong. I’ve been married to my husband for five years, and in a relationship with him for fifteen years. About four years ago, we became poly with a friend. At the […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

UK passengers revolt over airport retail taxes No, the savings will not be passed on to the consumer Bernie and O’Malley release strong policy plans addressing police brutality; now waiting on Hillary Online library of animal sounds Guess what happened when heavily armed white men decided to roam the streets of Ferguson Kansas officials stonewall […]

Not actually a lot of jobs

Someone said today that there are a lot of jobs in my field and offered up a spreadsheet of crowdsourced openings as evidence. My university graduates more PhDs in this field every year than there were jobs on that list.

Kids these days

I bought a used watch that stopped the next day. I went to the jeweler and asked for a new battery. He took the watch, wound it, and handed it back. His expression never changed. I left. He hadn’t said a word. I think he might still be sitting in the back of his shop […]