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Pudding hysteria

My migraine brain is strange and frustratingly emotional. One aspect of this is state I now dub “pudding hysteria.” Sometimes after a migraine when I am still feeling terrible I have incredible cravings for particular foods that I do not have in my house, usually dessert. Today I became so upset at not having butterscotch […]

The bigger the crime, the less time

In 1969, there were 502 convictions for tax fraud. Such cases, called “white-collar crimes,” usually involve people with a good deal of money. Of those convicted, 20 percent ended up in jail. The fraud averaged $190,000 per case; the sentences averaged seven months. That same year, for burglary and auto theft (crimes of the poor) […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

Verifiability, truth, and hearsay: feminist point of view on the Geek Feminism wiki After a Puzzling Pause, the Gender Revolution Continues. Interesting point about overwork fueling the wage gap Abstract Parisian Rooftops Photographed by Michael Wolf Artist Hinke Schreuders Alters 1950s Advertising and Fashion Photography with Hand-Stitched Embroidery Astonishing Surreal Worlds Digitally Painted by Gediminas […]


I minored in math in undergrad. In about the second week or third week of each math course, I would strongly consider dropping, convinced I wasn’t clever enough to pass. I made a B in one of those courses and an A in every other. No matter how many math courses I took, I still […]

Everyone but the rich white dudes knows what’s up

In May 1967, the Pentagon historians write: “McNaughton was also very deeply concerned about the breadth and intensity of public unrest and dissatisfaction with the [Vietnam] war … especially with young people, the underprivileged, the intelligentsia and the women.” 1967.  From Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States

While you’re waiting for the bus

Stuff worth reading All Our Sad Stories Yes, we too often discount the effects of emotional abuse. I like to walk loudly, in shoes that clack, because I was not allowed to make a sound when I walked. All The Comments on Every Recipe Blog Canada’s anti-counterfeiting bill stalled by US demand for removal of […]

Preliminary data

I looked up at the iv bag, half empty now, wondering when or if it would work. The drug dripping coldly into my arm was one familiar to me. In the past, it had made me writhe across the bed in a confused panic. Now they knew about that side effect and gave me something […]