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I was a bystander

I was sitting on the bus when I noticed a slight teenage girl. Her black backpack and duffel were arranged around a lamp-post in a homey circle with a cardboard sign soliciting spare change. I noticed the girl not because she was homeless, but because she was frightened and defensive. She was standing, arms up […]

Divide and conquor

Racism, always a national fact, not just a southern one, emerged in northern cities, as the federal government made concessions to poor blacks in a way that pitted them against poor whites for resources made scarce by the system. Blacks, freed from slavery to take their place under capitalism, had long been forced into conflict […]

I can’t learn this pattern

Some mornings when my alarm goes off, I find it impossible to get out of bed. This shouldn’t happen. As part of my strict migraine prevention routine, I go to bed at the same, social-life-killing time every night. But the fatigue is so overwhelming that I turn my alarm off, roll over, and go back […]

Lessons Sheryl Sandberg hasn’t learned

Another black woman, Margaret Wright, said she was not fighting for equality with men if it meant equality in the world of killing, the world of competition. “I don’t want to compete on no damned exploitative level. I don’t want to exploit nobody. . . . I want the right to be black and me. […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

Stuff worth reading These scientists said women wear too much makeup. Here’s why they’re wrong. Canada in decline All the jobs I was hoping to get have all been eliminated. Best U.S. Neighbourhoods for Millennials Terrible pay, high rent. Lovely. How Christian Purity Culture Enabled My Step Dad to Sexually Abuse Me. “If your behavior […]