Cefaly and migraine

Having migraine really sucks, and I’ll try just about anything to deal with this illness. One of the things I tried recently is the Cefaly, a scifi looking device I previously mocked. A lot of people seemed to be finding relief with it and a couple agencies had verified that it wouldn’t hurt me.


After reading Kerrie’s experience, I was excited and a little wary.

I found it really unpleasant when I started using it. The strength intensifies over the first 12 minutes of a 20 minute treatment cycle. There are three cycle types – relaxation, prophylaxis, and migraine. You can stop the ramp up at any point and keep the treatment at that level for the remainder of the cycle. The first time I used it, I stopped the ramp up after less than a minute. After about 15 uses, I was able to tolerate the full ramp up on the “prophylactic” cycle and started really enjoying it! When I am not in the middle of or starting an attack, I find even the highest setting pleasurable – like a good massage. More importantly, several days I thought would be totally lost to migraine hangover, I was able to do a few small errands and chores after using Cefaly.

Unfortunately, f I tried to use Cefaly when I was getting a migraine or during a migraine , it made me very sick to my stomach and didn’t do a thing for the pain.

The manufacturer claims that frequent, regular use will eventually lead to a reduction in migraine frequency. My migraines are very frequent, so I can’t use the Cefaly enough to find out if it would help my migraines. Using it every day I didn’t have a full blown migraine – and some days I did – over 6 weeks did not cause a noticeable reduction in my migraines.

If you’d like to try Cefaly for your headaches, I’m looking to sell mine for about $150. It comes with a storage case, 4 electrodes, and the manual. Send me an email if you’re interested at enchantressofnumbers at gmail.

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