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In Broad Win, Small Business Gets Preliminary Injunction Against Required ACA Emergency Contraception Coverage Now all we need to do is call the market “god” and we can bring back to slavery.

Wailing Justice and the law aren’t the same thing.

Origin Stories I didn’t expect this to make me cry, but it did.

TX Lege – These are the names to remember Details on what happened before Wendy Davis’ filibuster and a clear timeline of the whole event

Let’s Recap What Happened in Texas Being seen

Will Your State’s Waiters Give You the Flu? The National Restaurant Association wants to give you norovirus

Mandatory ultrasound law was germane to filibuster of sb5 Texas Republicans didn’t think the law they’re trying to pass was germane to debate on the law they were trying to pass.

Gay Marriage: Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA, Avoids Prop 8 Ruling

Angola 3’s Herman Wallace Is Gravely Ill—But Still on Permanent Lockdown “Justice”

The Social Life of Memory We can’t have the future without the past

Putting Down Roots: New Paintings of Urban Growth and Turmoil by Amy Casey

Putting Down Roots: New Paintings of Urban Growth and Turmoil by Amy Casey urban painting
Megapolis, detail


Canada’s relative lack of information about its own water resources could put it at a disadvantage in future disputes over waters that span the border between the two countries.

“We know far more about underground oil and gas …than we do about our underground water,” said James Bruce…

via Satellite data hinted at Alberta floods weeks ago – The Globe and Mail.

The Canadian government probably shouldn’t be laying off all the people who could solve this problem.