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While you’re waiting for the bus

Stuff worth reading In Broad Win, Small Business Gets Preliminary Injunction Against Required ACA Emergency Contraception Coverage Now all we need to do is call the market “god” and we can bring back to slavery. Wailing Justice and the law aren’t the same thing. Origin Stories I didn’t expect this to make me cry, but […]

Academic extortion

Huh? « Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. The American Journal of Public Health says pay up or we’ll hurt your citation rate.

What do you need more, water or oil?

Canada’s relative lack of information about its own water resources could put it at a disadvantage in future disputes over waters that span the border between the two countries. “We know far more about underground oil and gas …than we do about our underground water,” said James Bruce… via Satellite data hinted at Alberta floods […]

A poem for your Monday

Straight from 3QD: TWO STARS   after  Mohammed  Iqbal As two stars approached Each other, one said: “If we could stay Only could stop whirling, If the sky were kinder We’d shine together.” But this desire of two Bears longing in itself. Stars are fated to revolve In orbits ordained. Together is a dream Separation […]

Waiting for Solomon’s Seal

I planted several Solomon’s Seal at the end of April. They were bareroot, dehydrated and fragile feeling. I planted a lot of other things that day, too. Almost overnight I had a garden – ferns unfurled, bleeding hearts burst from bare root to bushes, Huechera and Brunnera put out new leaves so fast you could […]

Ending slavery hurt the economy

My 7th grade  history class was taught by a burly white man who liked to do civil war reenactments and pretend the rebels had won. We talked a lot about the causes of the civil war. I didn’t learn that the civil war was about freeing slaves; I learned that it was about economics. Slaves […]