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Berry Go Round!

I bet you miss all the blogging I used to do about plants. Go get your fix at this month’s edition of the Berry Go Round botanical blog carnival. And here’s a picture of some adorable Western hemlock cones to help make up for all the plant blogging I haven’t done.

In appreciation of thorough metadeta

I’m working with a weather dataset that has some peculiar trends. So, of course, I got my hands on the metadata. And what metadata it is! Most of it is just as boring (but useful) as you imagine, but this bit completely makes up for the blandness of the previous six or so pages: IMPORTANT […]

Conferences are a minefield of migraine triggers

I went to the Evolution meeting last week in Ottawa and had a great time. Everything I had to say about how great ESA meetings are applied there, too (if you replace “ecology” with “evolution”): I love hearing about the latest research in my particular subfield, and I’m inspired by research seemingly unrelated to mine. […]

Why people pirate (or, Science’s paywall sucks)

Doing things legally: When I went to the AAAS meeting in February, I got a free subscription to Science magazine. Fresh from the Evolution 2012 meeting and motivated to keep up with the literature better, I click the big blue button in the weekly email to “Start reading now!” Except I can’t “start reading now.” […]