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I’ve decided where I’m going to go to grad school! I’m very excited about the lab, the school, the new place. But I’m not excited about moving. Partly because of the actual pain of moving and partly because moving is going to be really expensive. Unfortunately, a lot of the work I need to do […]

Journalism today / Journalism a century ago

From The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope: The ‘Evening Pulpit’ was supposed to give daily to its readers all that had been said and done up to two o’clock in the day by all the leading people in the metropolis, and to prophesy with wonderful accuracy what would be the sayings and doings […]

Relatively ignorant

Sometimes I scoff at people who are ignorant of things like basic science findings (especially well reported ones). Then I find myself asking very basic questions in an unfamiliar field.

Will you miss me?

My blog will disappear for a few hours on Thursday or Friday because Bluehost is physically moving the server that holds this blog. Hopefully they won’t drop it.

Thuja plicata

I’ve seen western redcedar a thousand times, and I never really gave it a second glance. But my opinion of this tree changed on a recent trip I took to the Pacific Northwest – I had no idea these trees got so large! I also decided that I really like the texture of this tree’s […]