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Grad School Recruitment Weekend

I heard back from one of the grad schools I applied to – I made it through the first round and they want me to come interview! Interview isn’t quite the right word – it’s four days of socializing and meetings under a microscope benignly termed “recruitment weekend.” I’m somewhat terrified. I know as an […]

Out of my league

From Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy: An ugly, good-natured man, as he considered himself, might, he supposed, be liked as a friend; but to be loved with such a love as that with which he loved Kitty, one would need to be a handsome and, still more, a distinguished man. He had heard that women […]

Real science

Doing science can be incredibly exciting, breathtaking, and inspiring. But usually it’s more like this: via @mathematicsprof

Ebook piracy

I read a lot of books – especially short novels – on my ipod or my computer. It’s easier to carry around my ipod than a book, and downloading a book is faster and easier than going to a bookstore or waiting on the mail. You’d think the internet and ebooks would be great for […]


From Witches Abroad, by Terry Pratchett: ‘Good and bad is tricky,’ she said. ‘I ain’t too certain about where people stand. P’raps what matters is which way you face.’