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What I’ve Noticed

Dollhouse is over.  It was a great show. When Americans say they want to cut NASA’s budget, they think they’re talking about a budget of more than 600 billion instead of about 15 billion. Female orgasm described as ‘abhorent’ and  banned on film in Australia along with small breasted women.  Unsurprisingly, the standard does not […]


You’ve likely seen or heard about Archaeopteryx, a very important transitional fossil showing the connection between birds and dinosaurs.  (Isn’t it annoying that ID folks and creationists claim no transitional fossils exist no matter how many are found?)  Archaeopteryx is pretty darn cool – it’s got feathers AND dinosaur teeth and claws.  Archaeopteryx is slightly […]

December Migraine Data

I’ve been keeping track of barometric pressure in order to get a better idea of how it influences my migraines.  I believe that fast and/or large pressure changes are probably triggering many or most of my migraines.  Below are graphs of barometric pressure throughout December when I did and did not have a migraine.  I […]

And that arrogance has led to so much trouble

From Karen Armstrong’s A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Denys’s God has two aspects: one is turned toward us and manifests himself in the world; the other is the far side of God as he is in himself, which remains entirely incomprehensible.  He “stays within himself” in his eternal mystery, […]