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Extinction Thursday – Christmas Edition

I’ve been trying to come up with a catchier title than “Extinction Thursday.”  I’ve failed.  So, readers, it’s up to you.  Leave your title in the comments.  Since it’s Christmas, I’ll offer a present: If I pick yours I’ll send you a CD of my favorite music.  Best prize ever, right? On to the extinction […]

Migraine Log – Week 3

Days with snowy/cloudy/rainy weather: 4 Days with headache: 3 This seems fairly encouraging, but one of the days it was snowy and I didn’t have a headache was during a several day long snowstorm – I think I just adjusted to the pressure once it stopped changing.


I have lots and lots to do today, but I’m exhausted!  There was another snowstorm last night, but unlike the others, this one was NOISY.  The wind was blowing so hard all night that I couldn’t sleep.  Maybe it’ll make it easier to sleep on the plane tomorrow?

To grandmother’s house

I’m heading to NC tomorrow and will miss the lovely white Christmas here. But getting to spend time with my grandmother is priceless, so I’m not too upset about missing the snow.  I don’t believe in heaven or hell or any idea of an afterlife.  I know that when my grandmother dies, I’ll never see […]


This is what the water in my vegetable steamer looks like after I make kale.  I wonder what percentage of the nutrients that is?

All about me

Today is my birthday, but I’ve really been celebrating all weekend. On Friday, some of my favorite people came over and played board games.  We, of course, played my favorite game of all time – Balderdash.  But I learned two new (and AWESOME) games, too: Settlers of Catan and another that I can’t remember the […]

Pedestrian campus?

The administration at my university likes to talk about how we’re a pedestrian campus and frequently touts all the wonderful things they’ve done to make it easier to walk than drive here. I submit the following images to the contrary: