Gravity's Rainbow

botany, shoes, books, and justice

August 29, 2008
by sarcozona
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When I left home for boarding school, I stopped playing the piano.  I picked it up again this summer with the encouragement of my little brother who’s auditioning for music school soon.  Playing again has made me very, very happy.

August 27, 2008
by sarcozona

Wrong crowd

New acquaintance: So what do you do? Me: Theory and modeling… New acquaintance: Oh wow, I mean you’re pretty cute, but I thought models were all tall. Me: in ecology

August 26, 2008
by sarcozona


I was worried about carrying my groceries home the other day, but a friend was nice enough to pick me up. This meant that I could buy whatever I wanted, not just what I thought I could carry. I might … Continue reading