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my new favorite 10 min recipe

Saute chopped tomatoes and garlic in olive oil for a minute or two.  Toss in a couple spoonfuls of sliced black olives and a spoonful of capers and cook another minute or so. Mix in (cooked) angel hair pasta and a bunch of parmesan.  The end.

the heart of propaganda

The current Iraqi government, which we put in charge, is brutally murdering people and stealing money. Radhi recounted how one staff member “was gunned down with his seven-month-pregnant wife,” his security chief’s father was found dead on a meat hook and how the body of the father of another staff member was riddled with holes […]

Catch-22: On applying for scholarships

I was recently nominated by two faculty at my university for a rather prestigious scholarship. I was initially very excited. This scholarship is for quite a bit of money – enough for me to afford to go to school full time. Today, however, I was informed that I was not eligible for this award because […]

vaginal motifs

In But I’m a Cheerleader, a family accuses their daughter of being a lesbian and uses a vaginal looking flower painting as evidence. Rewatching the movie the other night, I was reminded of this flower, Clitoria ternatea, recently profiled at Slice of the day. Butterfly pea Originally uploaded by Srini G